The Healing Consciousness Foundation (HCF) holds an annual fashion show to benefit those diagnosed with breast cancer. I was tasked with visually bringing to life the slogan "Your Genes Say A Lot About You". The brand artwork and logotype play off of the word "Genes", as jeans were the dress code for the attendees.
One's genetic makeup is a key risk factor, and also helps physicians determine the appropriate steps for treatment. Therefore, DNA was worked into the denim stitching and the pocket tag.
The project included the creation of a logotype, brand artwork, poster, billboard, program cover, swag-bag, save-the-date postcard, invitation with envelopes, reply card, and double-sided insert used to promote some key auction items, that were bid on via mobile devices. Banners were created for BidPal and Facebook.
The event was a huge success and helped raise over $10,000 for the HCF!

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