This comprehensive branding project for a high-end, rental property in the Pocono Mountains routinely received praise from guests for the many years it was live. From the copy writing and logo design, to the photography and website build, every aspect was handled in-house.
The logo gets at the very core of the property — getting away from it all at a 5-star. lakefront property in the mountains. Nothing communicates "ESCAPE" like the freedom of a bird in flight.
The responsive website combined a rustic feel with a high-end twist, which is a direct reflection of what the property truly is. The subtle animations provided just enough for an engaging, sophisticated experience.
Easily edited templates were created for letterhead, rental contracts, follow-up letters, and other correspondence (both printed and digital).
Social media campaigns were the final piece to an overwhelmingly successful marketing and branding endeavor. In fact many guests specifically praised the design and professionalism of every aspect of the booking experience, and some even went as far as to say it was the determining factor in them choosing this property over others.
NOTE: The property was sold in 2020, so the functioning site is no longer available. However, the following screenshots should provide a glimpse of its aesthetic appeal.

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