The founder of a start-up business specializing in mobile milling, and fine wood creations came to CONJURE with nothing more than the company name "Mobile Milling".  The generic name only touched on one aspect of the business. After all, they also specialize in extremely unique wood furniture, cutting boards, and other wood creations of the highest quality. We conjured the name "WoodMarks", and the tagline "Make your mark with wood". Both are memorable, speak directly to the consumer, and touch on all aspects of the business.
The logo's ligature was crafted to look industrial and precise. Overall the logo needed to have a rustic, yet high-end look. Every project WoodMarks does, starts with milling, so that was something featured in the logo design.
A double-sided piece in landscape format, the letterhead is just as unique as their masterpieces. In addition to the stationary and apparel, a stamp was created, which is an incredibly practical means of branding all WM products.

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