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"Twelve years ago our organization was searching for a designer to support the creative and design needs of our organization. I commissioned an Art Director friend to assist me in my search and after sorting through a wealth of applicants we narrowed the field to a few highly qualified candidates. After the interviewing process I was told by my consulting Art Director that Dominic would take our company to a whole new level of look and creativity. Her statement couldn't have been more accurate. Dominic is the consummate professional, loved by his colleagues and highly respected by his peers. Dom has worked in print and the ever emerging electronic media and proved himself highly capable in all media. He quickly rose to become our Art Director. His unique and creative approach to art results in engaging graphics that begin to tell the story well before a single word of copy is read. He’s a workhorse that never compromises on quality and had served as a major creative force for our company for over a decade. Dom’s hire was one of the wisest employment decisions I’ve ever personally been involved in. I’d highly recommend him on a professional and personal level."
Michael Fullmer • founder & CEO at MCM Education

"I had the pleasure of working with Dominic on several projects including a new product logo design, corporate logo refinement, PowerPoint template design and product sell-sheet design. He is an extremely creative, and flexible designer with high standards of professionalism. He was able to take our concepts and effectively translate them graphically. Dominic worked with us on short turnaround times and his communication and accessibility were excellent. I look forward to working with him again in the future!"
Penny Elias Rosenfeld • Marketing Consultant at ETHOS Health Communications

"Dominic is that rare breed of art director who couples outstanding artistic ability with equally outstanding business acumen. In 2000, Dominic oversaw a complete redesign of our company's media kit (to include a new logo, color scheme, tag line, essentially he was tasked with creating all new materials across the board. The "leave behind" piece he designed was both figuratively and literally "cutting edge". It always solicited positive feedback from the pharmaceutical clients I presented it to and helped our company stand out in a crowded marketplace. I highly recommend Dominic."
Paul McBride • senior business development executive; Healthcare - Payers & Pharmaceuticals

"Dominic is a true professional – easy to work with and extremely talented. He was responsible for the design and creative direction for the new website for The Healing Consciousness Foundation. His work is very impressive and he has amazing design skills. He listened to input from several board members about our need for branding. He skillfully refined our logo, and created branded business cards/stationary."
Ann Griffiths • President at ARG Global Consulting

"I had the pleasure of working with Dominic for four years. During that time, Dominic continually captured the strategic medical messaging through amazing design. His impressive talent, professionalism and detail is why I found myself five years later requesting him to design a creative t-shirt image for an independent fundraising project. Yet again his creative vision was eye catching and helped me raise over $5,000 for the PSPCA."
Tami O'Sullivan • Product Manager, Patient Experience at Shire Pharmaceuticals

"Dominic has worked on website, ad design, and program design for The Healing Consciousness Foundation fund raisers. He also designed the cover of my book, The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor's Journey to Healing and donated his time for that project, as the proceeds of the book fund healing services for women and men experiencing breast cancer. He is awesome!!!!!"
Beth DuPree, MD, FACS, ABIHM • Medical Director of Holy Redeemer Integrative Health

"I have worked with Dominic on several projects including brand design, print, interactive media and brand communications. The projects we have completed together never went beyond a first round of design and this is a direct complement to his communications skills and understanding of the client's goals. Dominic has the essential qualities of a great Art Director: Great Communicator, Detail and Goal oriented talent."
Justin Dennis • VP Growth at Breezy HR

"I've worked with many creative directors in my years in medical communications, and Dom is one of the best I've had the pleasure to collaborate with. He has a unique eye for the artistry and production values needed in first rate medical presentations. His accuracy and designs skills are top notch, and he works well with the medical team in making sure activities are on target. Dom will always give his best to every assignment and make sure your projects stand out and have maximum effectiveness."
Elizabeth Paczolt, MD, FACNM • Consultant Strategic Medical Director and Writer

"Dominic is both modern and traditional. He is modern in the sense that he brings extremely creative and contemporary designs to all of his projects, and he is traditional in the sense that his work ethic reflects that of an unfortunately bygone era. In brief, his designs are always on target and often spectacular; and his work is always completed on time with very few errors, a trait found in a diminishing number of working individuals. He excels as a member of a creative team and also works extremely well independently. I recommend him highly."
Lew Pinsker • Retired Vice President of Editorial & Creative Services at MCm EDUCATION

"Dominic is a gifted designer who created unique and memorable art to frame/showcase our organization's educational programs. He is a consummate professional who regularly collaborated with several departments (juggling numerous agendas) to create appropriate and intriguing design treatments for highly varied initiatives. In addition, he could always be relied upon to deliver excellent work on deadline, even when those deadlines were unreasonably tight."
Kathleen Hines • Editorial Director at MCM Education

"In my 20+ years in writing and publication production, I have worked with many graphics artists and art directors and Dominic is by far the most talented. He's also blazingly fast -- doing layouts in a day or 2 that have taken other artists I've worked with a week or so. Not having a science background himself, I was also always amazed at how he could come up with an appropriate theme for various disease states. Sometimes his instincts told him an interesting illustration or beautiful photo would work better for a particular program than a clinical look and he was always right on. What astounded me most about Dominic is his never-stilted imagination. We did lots of programs on the same disease states (e.g., dyslipidemia, chronic constipation, neuro-oncology). A less talented artist might be tempted to use the same look over and over again. Dominic, however, always managed to come up with something different and fresh each time. Truly a great talent."
Michelle R. Rizzo • Medical Editor at PharmaWrite/MedVal Scientific Information Services

"Dominic is an extremely talented designer whose creativity raises the bar for others. Compliments are many from those who view his artwork first hand. I've had the privilege of working with Dominic for 12 years. If asked to describe his work ethic, a few words that come to mind are ambitious, detail oriented and professional. In the business world, we are often challenged with aggressive delivery schedules. As the Assistant V.P. of Project Services, I was always confident Dominic would meet our time sensitive delivery dates with top quality design. Dominic will be an asset to those fortunate enough to work with him in the future."
Paula DiNote • Assistant VP of Project Services at MCM Education

"I worked with Dominic for 10 years - his design work is always of the highest quality. He is great at creating new concepts that communicate key messages. Very creative with selecting color, images, or designs that engage and captivate the viewer. I highly recommend Dominic for any graphic design needs. His work is outstanding!"
David Willard • founder of virtual charity events & HUMANITARIAN RESOURCE TECHNOLOGIES

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dominic for the past 7 1/2 years and have had the privilege of seeing the outstanding creative work that Dom has produced. He is without doubt the most creative person that I have met. Dominic has always been extremely pleasant to work with and maintains a very high professional work ethic. He is also a great team player and cares for his fellow employees."
Joann Meyers • manager, finances/administration at MCM Education

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dominic going on ten years. His knowledge of the printing process helps me make sure his creatively designed work runs smoothly through our plant. I would recommend Dominic to anyone looking for a talented graphic designer."
Jamie McLennan at Creative Print Communications - The Seibel Group

"Prior to retiring I had worked in various positions in visual communications for more thn 40 years. At Medical Comunications Media I was Vice President, Editorial & Creative Services. Without any hesitation I can say that Dominic is the most creative and talented graphic designer I have ever been associated with. One look at his portfolio will tell you how good his work is. What it won't tell you is what kind of person he is. Dominic has a strong work ethic. He works well alone and in a team environment, effectively manages his work flow, and completing projects in a timely manner. I strongly recommend Dominic for a position as Art Director or graphic designer in any print or electronic environment."
Lew Pinsker • Retired Vice President of Editorial & Creative Services at MCM EDUCATION

"I had the opportunity of woking with Dom at MCM and found that he had keen insight into identifying or creating the artwork that was effective at grabbing the attention of our targeted audience. Dom is not only very creative with great ideas, but he has also been a pleasure to work with and very accommodating the design needs/deadlines of an office that had many timelines to meet. I have no reservations about recommending the quality of Dom's work and high level of professionalism."
Dave Heckard • VP of Education at Pharmacy Times Office of Continuing Professional Education

"Dominic is an extremely talented individual who has been an invaluable asset to our organization. He demonstrates unsurpassable skill and quality in the work that he does. Dominic is also a great team player and collaborates well with others within the organization. His work is outstanding and he continues to impress me with his creativity."
Joseph Kim, MD, MPH • Physician executive, digital entrepreneur

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dom for the past 8 years. He is an excellent team player with a depth of creative expression that is second to none. His strong conceptual and artistic skills have provided for creativity– company-wide for everything from emails to our promotional materials and website. He has a very positive outlook and is the most organized, meticulous, patient, and detailed designer anyone could hope to work with."
Marion Gushue • Database Manager at MCM Education

"Dominic's work is outstanding! Creative, detailed, impactful for our industry and always impressive to our clients."
Mary Ledwith • Senior Director, Medical Education at MCM Education

"Dominic is great to work with, extremely reliable and a true master of his craft."
Brianna Suarez-Whartenby • Program Director at ETHOS Health Communications

"As a medical writer, it has always been a great experience for me to see how Dominic can take my plain, clinical medical education documents and transform them into beautiful works of art. My job is to make sure the medical content is well written in clear and accurate language, meeting all of the educational requirements in the content. But Dominic takes these materials and makes them a pleasure to view and read. I am always impressed with the professional look and feel of Dominic's work. Dominic has designed the CME programs and materials for a wide variety of CME programs I've been involved with, and I always enjoy the way he takes my work and transforms it into a professional and enticing design. It's important for the design of CME program materials to entice readers to dive into the content and learn the important clinical information included in CME programs, and Dominic has a great talent for accomplishing this."
Karen Whitson • Writer at mcm education

"As a printer, we appreciate Dominic's expertly-prepared files which go through our shop smoothly, and look great! We see all levels of design work in our business, and his is uniformly excellent."
Neal Carson • Owner, Bucks Digital Printing
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