A brand is the most valuable asset for any successful product or organization. The ideas or feelings conjured in the minds of consumers is ultimately what a brand is. A great deal of time, effort, and money goes into creating, maintaining, and promoting a brand.

A product or company logo is often the first visual projection of its brand, and is integral to consumer perception. Hence, logo designs by their very nature are some the most challenging projects a designer faces, and we take them very seriously.

A small compilation of various logos follows. Most of the logos were starting points for complete product, company, and/or event identity systems.

Created for a medical practice dedicated to providing relief to those suffering from migraines, through both traditional and nontraditional approaches. The concept is symbolic of pain leaving the head. The swirl and color scheme provide for a soothing feel.

Created for an alternative, extreme gym with aspirations of becoming a national franchise. CBG forms a box, which is a piece of equipment athletes do vertical leaps onto. The shape formed by the CBG also forms a dagger-like symbol. This logo just looks tough, which is exactly what the client wanted.

Designed for an educational product that takes just minutes of a medical professional's time.

Requirements were to form a ligature from CBC, and stay away from pink. The client wanted to appeal to both sexes, as both are diagnosed with breast cancer. The blue colors appeal to males, and the curly font appeals to women. "SURGEONS" was deliberately set with wide kerning for emphasis, and the font screams precision.

Created for a global parts supplier for the heating and cooling industries.

Created for a faculty placement service for medical speaking engagements, the mirrored "F" forms the arms and torso of a presenter at a podium.

Created for a GlaxoSmithKline educational initiative on asthma, this logo consists of hand drawn letters.

Created for an electrical company with a focus on solar energy.

This logo design was donated to the Healing Consciousness Foundation. The logo was the starting point for branding a black-tie, fashion event benefitting those diagnosed with breast cancer, and their families.

Created for Schering Plough, this logo was for an educational initiative on Acute Coronary Syndrome. The figure with arms outstretched plays off of the word "Balanced" in the program title.

Wheat is symbolic prosperity and wellbeing, and it loosely forms an "F".

Created for a Teva Neuroscience educational initiative. A Tulip is the universal symbol for Parkinson's Disease.

Created for a startup healthcare communications agency.

Organic yet geometric shapes appear to be merging (think lava lamp), and are symbolic of the synergistic nature of collaboration. The contours have a scientific look (think of a magnified sample in a petri dish).

Created for a consultant agency specializing in the behavioral correction of very young, grade school children. Client desired a subtle reference to autism, so the puzzle piece was worked into the side of the red block.

Created for a new digital product which allows patients to have dialog with healthcare professionals.

Created for a startup company specializing in medical education apps for mobile devices.

Created for a medical education agency, this logo is symbolic of advancement and innovation.

This logo creation was donated to "Proud Mary's" dragon boat race team of St. Mary's Medical Center. The race helped raise over $14,000 for "A Woman's Place", a community-based social change organization committed to the empowerment of women and to ending intimate and domestic violence for all.

Created for a blog dedicated to providing guidance for gluten free lifestyle.

Created for a technology-services provider for charitable and humanitarian organizations. One goal was to get viewers to think "heart" because the HRT's products will be at the core of their organization, streamlining all processes. Another goal was to touch on its global reach.